Daphne’s Culinary Arts Program

Adalyn Dugas , Staff Writer

     Daphne’s Culinary Arts Program began in 2012 with Chef Thorpe, Daphne’s Culinary Arts instructor. Students learn basic food preparation skills, such as proper sanitation before cooking, and safety in the kitchen.

“We have to wash our hands, wait for instruction, and then we figure out what we’re cooking”, Maggie Porter said, when describing the daily routine of her Culinary Arts class.

     Students practice preparing meals in Daphne High school’s commercial food service kitchen. The kitchen is located in Trojan Hall, along with Daphne’s other art programs.

  Students cook at least one meal a day, and then enjoy eating it together after it has been prepared.  

    “My favorite meal we’ve cooked this year is probably the chicken noodle soup”, said Alyssa Brown.