What is IB?

The IB program has higher level work ethic classes.

Lydia Werling

The IB program has higher level work ethic classes.

Brooke Gilbert, Editor

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  What is IB?

     IB stands for International Baccalaureate, which is an accelerated set of courses at Daphne High School. Few schools have the honor of providing the International Baccalaureate to their students, only seventeen other schools administer the IB program statewide. Enrolling in this program can provide a student with an abundant amount of opportunities. Some colleges with offer you scholarships with the completion of the IB program; moreover, because this is a fast paced program it gives students an opportunity to exercise time management skills in preparation for college.


    The International Baccalaureate program founded in Geneva, Switzerland, in 1968 as a non-profit educational foundation. Its original purpose was to prepare students for college. It has been thirty years since it was founded. This program does have some requirements like you have to have a certain GPA of 3.0, teacher recommendations, a written sample, test scores, and an interview.


    Many students at Daphne high school are in this program because it can help with their future.


    “I joined the IB program because others in my family have done the program, and they stressed the importance of the program…” Ketlsie West, a sophomore IB student said.


    This program challenges students to excel in their studies. It also gives them many opportunities in the future.


    “[It is] beneficial… to college and getting you ready for the real world.” West said.