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Kravers Seafood

Kravers popcorn shrimp basket comes with hushpuppies and frenchfries. Optional slaw.

Kravers popcorn shrimp basket comes with hushpuppies and frenchfries. Optional slaw.

Jacob Latham

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       Kravers is a local seafood restaurant that has been open for 11 years. Kravers is located at 25965 AL-181, Daphne, AL 36526. Many people in our community enjoy Kravers fresh decadent seafood and their southern comfort vibes.

       “It’s very delicious and at an affordable price.” said Aaron Lessere, a Daphne High School Student

       My experience at Kravers was a fine one. When I walked in the front door I was welcomed by a very nice waitress who seated me and asked for my drink order. I ordered their southern sweet tea which had a great taste, and then I ordered my appetizers which were a bowl of Seafood Gumbo with boiled shrimp and some scrumptious fried pickle chips. The Gumbo was full of flavors that shouted deliciousness and the shrimp was boiled almost perfectly. When they brought me the fried pickle chips I almost shouted because the smell was amazing, the fried pickle chips were very crispy on the outside and are soft on the inside and when you dip it in the creamy ranch your taste buds will have a party in your mouth. When I was finished with my appetizers I ordered my food which was their Crispy Fried Shrimp which came with hushpuppies, slaw and crinkle fries, this is my recommendation meal. I also ordered a chicken tenders meal that would be great for your children–  it comes with fries, hushpuppies and slaw. Overall I gave Kravers food quality a 5 out of 6, I gave their service quality a 6 out of 6, I gave their atmosphere a 6 out of 6 and their prices a 4 out of 6.  

Edited May 17th for grammar.