Spooktacular Halloween


Rhayne McQuirter, Reporter

Ghosts and ghoulies wander the crowded halls of Daphne High School, wearing impressive costumes, masks, and giving some of us a fright!

On Halloween day, students, and even teachers make their celebration known in school. Daphne High School is in the spooky spirit for Halloween, especially when it’s night.

“I think today was really fun today! We got to have fun just having some fun,” Rencher said.

Teachers praised students who participated, and collaborated in costumes with smiles and compliments, making the school day worthwhile.

“It’s actually really good to like, dress out in costumes and things like that,” Aleah Martin said.

This isn’t just the only year Halloween made its way to Daphne High, this has been for quite a while, but more than enough students participated in dressing in costumes today. At the end of the school day, on this Halloween night, many students and teachers will remember this as a great and wonderful experience at Daphne High school.

“I find the costumes the students dressed in were really nice and funny,” Ms. Poche said.