Another successful talent show!

Arwen Rodriguez, Editor

DHS’s 2020 Talent Show happened February 28th and featured students singing, playing instruments and even beatboxing! First place went to Kawika (11) and Kameron (11) who surprised the audience with their “beatboxing duet”. 

The talent show took place in Trojan Hall and tickets were $5. It began at 9:30am and students from different grades came. DHS Choir teacher Ms. Mixon helps organize the show every year and her choir students help set up before and clean after the show. Mr. Jones was the show’s host for the second year in a row with the help of 3 students that would go onstage after every act for comic relief. 3 adults were asked to judge.

Ashley Ellis, a sophomore who came new this year, shared her thoughts on her first DHS Talent Show – “I thought the talent show was absolutely amazing. I loved how, in between acts, you had a little comedy relief and that was very smart and very funny.”

Most Talent Show participants performed different songs. One of them, senior Carolyn Barrera, performed “Ashes” by Celine Dion – “For the talent show, I prepared by getting mentally ready and tried to calm myself down by doing some breathing exercises because in my mind I had to think of it as in “you’ve done this before, you’re gonna do fine, it’s good”. I just imagined that it was just another one of those days, you’re just singing, it’s gonna be nothing, you’ve got this and just pretend that it’s just going to be with my friends.”

Second place went to sophomore Makayla Collins and junior Nya Snowden who sang an a cappella version of “lovely” by Billie Eilish and Khalid. 

“I just felt great about placing second because, honestly, I think we didn’t do really good, I think we just did okay but hey if they feel like we deserve second then great!”, said Makayla Collins.

“I’m grateful because I know we didn’t have to place and you know, I’m actually glad Kameron and Kawika won because they did something different and they deserved it.”, said Nya Snowden.

Many students look forward to the talent show to be entertained and, all in all, it is a great time for school pride and showing your peers support for having the courage to go onstage. 

Left to right: Nya Snowden (11), Ashley Ellis (10), Makayla Collins (10),
Carolyn Barrera (12)