One Pint Saves Lives


Lydia Werling, Editor

Life South came to Daphne High school last week to run their biennial blood drive, they come in the Spring and in Autumn to collect donations, many people come and support them every year. Seventy seven students and faculty donated blood this event giving an estimated fifty seven pints of blood, just

one pint of blood can save up to three people. The bloodmobile has been coming to Daphne High for nine years and they intend to keep coming back for many years to come.

This particular blood drive was especially important to Life South so they would have a large supply of blood for those who may have be injured in the now tropical storm, Tropical Storm Nate, this coming Sunday.

“For an urgent need we try to get extra donations…we serve the community first before sending blood across the country,” said Life South employee India Wallace.

Another reason Life South appreciates all of the donations is they are currently facing a shortage of all blood types that will hopefully be replenished by this drive and others in the near future.

While the blood drive in run by Life South, the International club sponsors and sends volunteers for to help as they have been doing for the past three years. The International Club is run by Mrs. Hunter and Mr. Rosales, both Spanish teachers at Daphne High.

“Key Club has been sponsoring the blood drives for years but they always needed someone to take over the fall drive so we took over,”said Hunter.

International Club intends to sponsor and volunteer for the fall blood drive for many years to come and hopes they can count on Daphne High school faculty and students to donate if they can.