A Spooky Experience


Jacob Latham, Staff Writer

The annual Haunted House is back this year and is expected to be a great and spooky fun event, that is fit for good memories. This event, hosted by Key Club, will take place this Friday and Saturday, October 20th and 21st. The admission at Trojan Hall is five dollars at the door and some of the proceedings go to a children’s hospital.

Key Club’s Haunted House has a different theme every year. Previous themes were: Scary Movies, American Horror story, Haunted Asylum, with this year’s theme being Haunted Hospital.

“Anyone coming to Key Club’s Haunted Hospital should expect a ton of scares, blood, organs, bones and expect to lose your breath more than a few times,” said Katie Garrison a Key Club Member.

Last years Haunted House was themed scary movies and 240 people came to the successful event. This year there are different sections in the Haunted Hospital, including the waiting room, the ER, the Children’s Ward, the Morgue, the Operating Room, and the Mental Ward.

“Not to give to much away but a bunch of scary thing are going to be there! Don’t come alone…,” Garrison said.