Daphne’s Art Club


Adalyn Dugas , Staff Writer

Daphne’s Art Club meets every other Tuesday. Students interested in finding time to draw, paint and work on other art forms are welcome to join by attending each session from 3:10 to 4:00.

“I enjoy Art Club because it gives an opportunity to people that don’t have art to participate in art, and then also to help out in artistic ways in school.” said Mr. Partridge, Daphne High school’s art teacher.

     The Art Club participates in other activities and programs throughout the year.

    “We do face painting at Daphne North’s fall festival which is coming up, we did a backdrop for the fall festival, and when teachers ask us we usually do things that need to be done around school.” said Mr. Partridge, when asked about other activities the Art Club is involved in.

      Students in Art club express themselves in various visual art forms.

     “I just look at other famous artists and their drawings, I take them and add pop art to it after I do my own rendition of it.” said Celeste Odom, a participant in Art Club.

  “I combine some of my favorite art styles, and then I draw it a lot and then it shapes into whatever this is. I start doodling about whatever comes into my head and then if it turns into something interesting, I try and collaborate on it.” said Brianna Provencher, a student, and a member of Daphne’s Art Club.