El Dia De Los Muertos


Adalyn Dugas , Staff Writer

      El Dia De Los Muertos, or The Day of The Dead, is one of Mexico’s most meaningful holidays. Celebrated on November 1st and 2nd, it is a day that honors the lives of those passed on.

   “It’s celebrating a celebration of life and remembering your loved ones who have passed away”, said Mrs. Bazel, a Spanish teacher at Daphne High school.

      Each family in Mexico celebrates this holiday by setting up altars in their homes that honor the deceased family members. They cook the loved one’s favorite foods and set out some of their favorite possessions.

     “In preparation for it, they clean the graveyards, they build an altar in their homes, they put an offering on there with pictures and candles, and flowers. Then they have a picnic in the cemetery with the whole town to basically sit around and talk about their loved ones and the good times they had with them. They will also make pan de los muertos, which is the the bread of the dead, and they will eat mole, which is a celebratory dish, as well as calaveras de asúcar, which are sugar skulls.”

    The students in Mrs. Bazel’s class celebrated El Dia De Los Muertos by replicating the mexican treat, calaveras de asúcar or sugar skulls, with play doh molds.

    “I don’t have anybody necessarily to dedicate mine to, but it definitely is a piece of art”, Benni Gambino, a student in Mrs. Bazel’s spanish class said.