Veteran’s Day Doors

The 2017 winning door made by Coach Williams and his Parthenon class

Lydia Werling

The 2017 winning door made by Coach Williams and his Parthenon class

Lydia Werling, Editor

As Veteran’s day approaches, Daphne High school has been decorating their doors in honor of the Veteran’s who will be attending the assembly on Thursday, November 9th. The school has been participating in this tradition for three years and hopes to continue for many years to come.  The high school holds this competition and it is overseen by Mrs. Miñoso, a teacher.


“The focus is for students to participate in our school’s celebration of veterans,” Miñoso said.


While the students and teacher who win are rewarded, the real point of the competition is to show our respect for the veterans of our country.


“DHS’s five pillars includes sense of community and civic mindedness. Civic Mindedness includes activities or individuals that are motivated by or that show concern for the public good or humanity as a whole. I cannot think of a better way for DHS to provide such an opportunity to explore these two areas of our school’s goals,” Miñoso said.


Making the doors is always exciting for the classes who are charged with creating a design and putting the door up. The time it takes to make a door varies from class to class but people generally start coming up with ideas around the end of October. The deadline was November 7th, and the judging took place on November 8th.


The winning door for 2017 was designed by Coach Williams and his Parthenon class, room 103. The design itself was a ‘giving tree’ in which all the armed forces symbols were hanging. There was a tie for second place and the teachers were Mrs. Deveney, room 121, and Mrs. Morris, room 164.


The winning class receives a pizza party and the teacher receives a $25 gift card which is sponsored by the Parent Teacher Student Organization.   


After the assembly the veterans who attend generally walk around the school and observe the doors each class has made, making the entire event that much more special.