Insight into the Color Guard World

Alaina Russ, Reporter

Colorguard is more than just colorful flags whipping around in the air during halftime shows. It’s math, athletics and hours of discipline in the heat and rain. Each set has been planned and calculated by the instructors to mesh precisely with the bands movements and music.

The Sound of the Eastern Shores 2018 show is titled “The West.” The music is a compilation of old western tunes, from tv shows of yesteryear. The colorguards uniform reflects the western theme with corsets, boots and collared shirts.

Jordan Looney became the new colorguard instructor after Marsha Foster retired nearing 20 years of dedication to this program. Previously, she worked at Satsuma High School for several years as their instructor.

“I have enjoyed learning the new ways and ideas this colorguard has provided me,” Looney said.

Looney instructs over 30 girls nearly eight hours a week, with various exercises and choreography. Alaina Russ and Aleisia Luna are the two senior captains on the team, they have both been on the color guard for 4 years.

“I love the competitiveness of this sport,” Luna says. ”I am so sad that this is the last year I will be performing with the incredible team”

Now that Looney has transferred over to a new school, she is excited to bring her past experiences and style to this program.

“Me being in the University of Alabama’s colorguard has definitely prepared me to be the instructor for this amazing program” says Looney.

A lot of people don’t really understand how physically challenging it is at times.

“There is a lot of practicing and hard work put in daily to accomplish their daily goals and I don’t think everyone understands that.” Looney says. “But even after conditioning for hours, they always come back with a smile on their face, ready to work even harder.“