Human Anato-messy


Mary Helen Weatherby, grade 10 was assigned a stab wound to recreate in the lab.

Brookelynn Farley, Reporter

 On Tuesday, October 2, Human Anatomy students made a mess of Mrs. Newsome’s classroom. In a course where the focal point of study is the human body, Mrs. Newsome’s students were covering the integumentary system, its components, and how it heals wounds.

Mrs. Newsome, being a member of the National Anatomy and Physiology FaceBook page, discovered a lab (the “Wound Healing Educational Attraction”) where students are given a bodily location in technical terms, have to find it, and create a wound matching the description.

This experiment calls for 1-ply toilet paper, vaseline, popsicle sticks, red food coloring, cocoa powder, and yellow jell-o. For health purposes, however, the cocoa powder in the experiment was omitted and replaced with carrot cake mix. The students were to find out, for themselves, how to make their wounds appear realistic.

When asked how she felt about the project, Andrea Salinas 10 says “It was pretty cool. I liked it.”

Unfortunately, despite how much these students enjoyed the project, these fake wounds have been known to shock some students. Due to this, Mrs. Newsome’s students have been advised not to wear their fake wounds outside of the classroom.

“It’s a mess, students love it,” Mrs. Newsome said.