Mrs. Few, Daphne High School’s 2018-2019 Teacher of the Year

Kennedy Sledge, Reporter

Being a good teacher has many different definitions or characteristics depending on who you’re asking. Recently Daphne announced their teacher of the year, Mrs. Deborah Few. She is an English teacher for AP, IB, and Standard. Along with teaching these courses, she is also the sponsor of Girl Service Club, Project Outreach, and the IB coordinator.

“It’s, humbling. It’s amazing and humbling, and I’m very honored,” Mrs. Few said.

Mrs. Few has been a resident in Daphne for the past fifteen years with three years in Williamsburg/ Jamestown, VA. She has four children- Anna, Katelyn, Wilson, and William who are actively involved in the community and school. Her family and she are lovers of anything outdoors and active. Mrs. Few is also a huge fan of historical sights and tries to put in order trips/activities to historical places.

“I’ve know Mrs. Few for four and half years; we traveled to Europe together every summer with students. She’s awesome. I think Mrs. Few cares more about Daphne High School then anybody else because she has kids here [and] she lives in the community. She’s always trying to make this a better place,  and she is always the first person to help out with anything,” Mrs. Helms said.

Mrs. Few has graced Daphne High School, and the community as a whole, with her hard work, dedication, and community to everyone. She will continue to thrive for her family, friends, and community.