What is AP in High School?

Brooke Gilbert, Editor

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What is AP in high school? Well AP stands for advanced placement. This was created by the College Board. AP gives students the opportunity to take college level courses while still in high school. When you take an AP course you can earn college credits. At the end of your course there is a test you can take at the end of school year that can give you credits for college

Many students at Daphne High School are on the AP diploma track taking all or some AP classes offered here. “I take AP classes and the work is relevantly hard, but it does provide a good challenge” said Kaley Jones a sophomore at Daphne High School

Taking AP courses gives you the academic skills you need in college and can give you a more in depth course on something that interests you. Taking AP courses in high school can help you get ahead in college. AP courses are a lot more work than taking just standard classes it sometimes even could be double the work.

If you choose to take AP courses in high school it could really help you get into a college that you have always wanted to go to,or maybe a college you didn’t ever think you could get in and you did. Enrolling in AP courses  really makes you stand out to colleges it shows that you challenged yourself by doing more work to succeed in school.

Many students are taking AP sciences at Daphne High School “I take AP chemistry it’s challenging but fun” said Jonathan Cowan ,a  junior at Daphne High School.