Dual Enrollment- Daphne’s Best Kept Secret


Anna Smith and Kennedy Sledge, Reporters

Scheduling for next years (2019-2020) classes is coming around the corner. Students already have so many options to choose from what’s best for them. Dual Enrollment is one of those many choices. For students and parents who don’t know about this choice, Dual Enrollment enables students to take a college-class in their high school and earn that college credit as well as high school credit for the class. They have the option of taking English and History Dual Enrollment. It is a great opportunity for students to be challenged, and get a glance at what colleges are looking for through their work ethic.

“You’re knocking out hours you don’t have to pay.” Mrs.Helms, a Dual Enrollment History teacher said.

Dual Enrollment prepares you for when you step out of high school and into the world. For those who are attending college after high school, this is a good opportunity for you. The workload Dual Enrollment provides you is the same amount as  ollege. The responsibility is put onto the student, and this requires growing for the student as well.

“College is a big wake up call!” Mrs. Helms said.

With hours knocked out, and College preparation in key Dual Enrollment provides all of this. If you do well with Dual Enrollment, you save thousands of dollars! Talk to your parents and counselors to see if this if this is a good option for you. Students enrolled in DE classes will receive credit for their classes from Coastal Alabama Community College.

“Dual Enrollment differs from Advanced Placement classes in that the students are earning their credit throughout the class. It does not rely on a high-stakes exam at the end of the course,” Mrs. Bateman, English Dual Enrollment teacher said. “You have to pay for your textbook, but the tuition is free. AP classes you have to pay for the exam, so it costs about the same.”