Eighth Graders on Campus

Jacob Latham, Reporter

The upcoming 9th graders came to Daphne High School from Daphne Middle School to take a tour of the school. Middle schoolers came on the 11th of February and two groups met, one in the morning at 8:10-8:35 and in the evening at 1:35-2:45.

The event was directed by the Mr. John Comer, an Assistant Principal who also oversees the 9th grade class. Upon arrival, the 8th graders were welcomed by Peer Helpers and Student Government Association members.

The upcoming 9th graders congregated in the library and and was welcomed by the principal, Dr. Meredith Foster who told the 8th graders a little about our school and encouraged them to have school spirit.

Mr. Comer then introduced Mr. Steven Lawless an assistant Principal who oversees the 11/12th graders. He touched on topics such as cell phones and attendance.

“The two things that will get you in the most trouble are cell phones and attendance,” Lawless said.

After that the Peer Helpers and SGA members gave advice to the 8th graders about various topics. Savannah Weed the Junior class president and Makayla Edwards a Daphne High School Peer Helper both gave advice to the upcoming 9th graders.

“Don’t be afraid to push yourself out of your comfort zone because even though it can be uncomfortable at times. It will be the best thing you would do,” Savannah Weed said.

“Do what makes you happy and be around people that makes you happy. People spend so much time trying to make other people happy instead of worrying about what makes them happy and you should always be around people that makes you happy and not people that bring you down.” Makayla Edwards said

After the Peer Helpers and SGA shared their advice Mr. Comer broke the 8th graders up into groups with a teachers and SGA members or Peer Helper and they toured various classes and showed them the snack bar and cafeteria. Jayden Wright an 8th grader said his favorite part was seeing the classes.

“My favorite part was whenever we went into some classes and saw what they looked like  and what the students where actually learning, this made me feel less curios and more certain about what I would be doing in the class,” Wright said.