Health Career Field Trip


Students learn how to give CPR from trained EMTs.

Jordan Sampson, Editor

40 Sophomores attended a Healthcare Career Field Trip at the Mobile Civic Center. The career fair provided students that are interested in medical professions with the opportunity to talk with professionals and college students in various jobs about what they do. The educational requirements for each profession were also provided.

Students were exposed to medical fields from veterinarian assistant to EMT’s. They were able to drill through bones, resuscitate a trainer dummy, work with surgical cameras, and see how germs spread. Representatives from AltaPointe Health Systems talked about how to talk to friends who might be suicidal. Students also saw how teeth molds are made to assist in building retainers and braces. Nurses taught them the proper way to give a flu shot while being sanitary also giving advice on careers.

Profesionals from AltaPointe Health Systems give students tips on how to talk to suicidal friends.

“I think it’s an awesome opportunity to get you to see and understand what you can see and do” said Alicia Summerland, a nurse.

Students learn about the career of doctors assistant.
Students learn how to safely give flu shots.