Alabama Prepared for Hurricane Irma

Jacob Latham and Adalyn Dugas

In the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, a category 3 hurricane, another storm was expected to hit near the Gulf Coast, Irma. The category 5 hurricane was estimated to have winds at 185 mph, which is the strongest recorded ever in the Atlantic. The destruction of Hurricane Harvey  made communities more cautious about Hurricane Irma.  Hurricane Irma did not directly hit Alabama, but people were in a hurry to stock up on household essentials just in case.  

“We bought three cases of water, we stocked up on gas, and we bought a lot of non-perishable foods,” Amiah Davis a Daphne High school sophomore said.

Daphne locals were not only focused on helping themselves, but helping the community as well. An Algebra teacher at Daphne High School, Mrs. Larson, was looking for a way to help.

“At Walmart, in the checkout, there was an option to donate to Hurricane Irma’s relief effort, so I decided to help out,” Mrs. Larson said.

The state  provided funds to ensure that affected communities would  be cared for. Governor Kay Ivey also made sure that the Alabama National Guard was ready to aid Alabama in areas that would be affected.

 “To ensure the state of Alabama is prepared, I have issued a state of emergency. This state of emergency will guarantee state resources are on standby to assist  impacted communities if necessary,” Ivey said.