Inside the School: Coach Perry

Lilly Pettit

In 2019, Daphne High School got a new Varsity Girls Basketball Head Coach, Kimyatta Perry, or better known as Coach Perry! She teaches multimedia design and career prep with past experience in basketball from her old school, Blount High School. Girls basketball had a rocky start but eventually they grew to value one another and learn how to work together.


With changes there are new rules and systems, with Coach Perry being new, the girls had to adjust with their scheduling and how they work together. However they were able to pull through and had a promising season. With a 5 game winning streak, they are able to finish strong this year. Along with being able to go to playoffs, the future is looking very bright for the Girls Varsity Basketball team. 


In the year 2019, new things arrived, coaches, systems, people, and more. The team grew together, learning that they are able to depend on one another in practice and during a game. Not only did the players grow, but so did their coach. “As a coach I’ve been able to really look at what each girl needs,” Coach Perry states, “If something doesn’t work I’ve definitely been challenged to continue to find and seek what works for the team.”