IB Writing Camp



Pre-IB students participate in a writing camp over the summer.

Maren Fagan, Assistant Editor

IB hosted a writing camp, with the help of Mrs. Casolaro and Mrs. Bateman, over the summer for incoming pre-IB freshmen. This camp is here to help improve the student’s skills and give an idea of what the program is like. 

Mrs. Casolaro hosted the first writing camp, in early June. 

“I thought overall it went very well in that it gave the students added skills to their abilities.” Mrs. Casolaro said. “The writing camp is helpful to gain skills and learn what high school teachers expect.” 

These camps are very important because along with all of the new information learned, it supported the ones that were already there. 

An anonymous pre-IB freshman said, “I feel like I improved my ability to write a good assertion, and I think this will benefit me because English is very challenging.”

Everything that the students learned in the camp can be applied to the program, as it is very writing based. However, this camp can give advantage to more than just the student. 

“This camp allows students to get to know one another,” Mrs. Casolaro said. “It also gave insight into what the teachers need to be instructing.”