ActiviTREES: Environmental club and the activities they do



Club president Ansley Salmon waters the newly planted tree.

Maren Fagan, Assistant Editor

The Environmental Club is an organization that meets every week in Mrs. Fawcett’s room to do activities for our school and sometimes, community. One of the many activities this club does for our school is taking the recycling out to the street for it to be picked up. Another project that students will participate in is the coastal cleanup.

“We produce quite a bit of recyclable waste, and it’s good to make sure that it gets recycled instead of being put into a landfill,” said Mrs. Fawcett, the club sponsor. 

Environmental Club also plans on planting 30 trees on campus over the course of the year, however, the first tree has already been planted, with the help of Mr. Comer, at the front of our school. The 30 trees are being planted through a Daphne Beautification program and these trees were donated. 

Club president, senior Ansley Salmon, said, “This is such a big deal because the trees, I mean, they can last forever. The trees that we see around Daphne, they’re older than us and even some of our grandparents. And of course it helps the environment, but it’s going to make Daphne look better too.”

Environmental Club welcomed many new members over the course of one year, so this is a big step for this organization.

“Environmental Club was not really even a thing last year, so I think it’s definitely stepping up especially with the new members, and I think that they are going to bring it to the next level after I’m gone, and probably make it even better,” Salmon said. 

Both Mrs. Fawcett and Salmon believe that Environmental Club is an important organization for Daphne as a school and a community. 

“This is really big for our club,” said Mrs. Fawcett, “and this is big for us as a community too.”