Class of 2022 President

Caris Blake

Sophomore class president, Sophie Jernigan, lives a productive life. From cheer to church, Sophie is always doing something along the lines of sports, academics, or community involvement. 

Sophie was the only class officer in her freshman class since no one else was running for any positions except her. She originally ran for class secretary but later realized that she was the only one running and decided to take the position of freshman class president. Now a sophomore, Sophie is still in office as the class of ’22 president. “It feels really good (to be class president). I love the involvement it gives me within the class, and how it keeps me connected with everyone in the grade.”, said Sophie.

As stated above, Sophie is a busy person. She is involved in dance, school cheer, tennis, youth group, being a class officer, Project Outreach, SGA, and many other school clubs. Many people in her class wonder how she manages all of her extracurricular activities to which she responds: “Honestly by taking everything one day at a time. I plan on what can already be done, but when I take everything one day at a time, it keeps me more focused. I love everything I do though so that makes it a lot easier to manage. I often have free time on Sunday afternoons, so I use that to chill and regroup after a long week. If I’m free on Saturdays, I enjoy going to the beach with my friends.” 

Many sophomores look up to Sophie because of how responsible and productive she is, while she maintains a good social life. When asked what helps her stay motivated to be involved in our community, she replies: “First, would be serving. I love the feeling of serving others and the rewarding feeling it gives you afterward. It gives you this warm fuzzy feeling I can’t explain and leaves you wanting to know how you can do more in the community.  Second would be my dream of being a Dogwood Trail Maid. I compete in January to try and become a Trail Maid. This is everything I worked for, following in my sister’s, Rachel Jernigan, footsteps.”

Sophie is a hardworking, passionate teenager, and there aren’t many of those around these days. All of her close friends adore this about her and can’t wait to see the amazing things she will do one day. 

Sophie with a fellow cheerleader