Journalism Students Attend Workshop at South Alabama



Students finish a long day of journalism workshops.

Lily Reynolds, reporter

 The first field trip of the year is always exciting. For the journalists of Daphne High was no exception. 

  Tytianna Willis, a junior, said, “I learned how to find stories, the master plan for the year, and I felt like we bonded between the lectures and after the field trip.”

 The first field trip of the year for the journalism students was to the Fall Regional Workshop at the University of South Alabama.  The director of this years’ workshop was Meredith Cumming, and the guest speakers were Lily Jackson and Lanie Catuogno.

Arwen Rodriguez-Marquez, a junior and one of Daphne High School’s  newspaper editors, said, “I learned who to interview, how to headline better, and how to start an article.”

 Ms. Jackson was the Keynote presenter and is ‘focused on the issues facing us young southerns and what the state of Alabama is doing to help or hinder their opportunity.’ While Mrs. Catuogno was the Yearbook/Newspaper presenter.

Maren Fagan, a freshman, said, “I learned a lot especially how to ask the right questions and get the right answers. I think we bonded a lot and I know everyone a little better.”

We started off the day by going to the auditorium to hear from Ms. Lily Jackson about how she became a journalist and what to write about. Then we went to a classroom and meet with Mrs. Lanie Catuogno who taught them about captions, interviews, and headlines.

Molly Stembridge, also a freshman, said, “I learned how to do great interviews, I bonded with the rest of the staff, and she had fun.”