Trojan Cafeteria Workers Honored


Cafeteria workers and Dr. Foster, Principal celebrate their recognition from the county for a job well done.

Mallie Bichon, Reporter

The cafeteria was presented with the Baldwin County Board of Education Cafeteria of the Month award on September 28, 2018. Daphne High School was the first cafeteria to receive the award. The Cafeteria staff of five feeds about 600 students every day. The cafeteria manager Tracy Davis mentioned that they were understaffed, there is supposed to be one cafeteria worker per 100 students, However, the cafeteria is currently in the process of hiring two new workers.

“We do a lot of prepping in the back to make sure the line goes much faster and smoother,” Tracy Davis the cafeteria manager said.

The staff’s day starts as soon as they get to the school at 6:30. They prep the food by putting anything they can in containers. They are usually finished preparing and cooking by 11:20, just minutes before 1st lunch wave begins. The lunch ladies try to get the students through the line with their food in 10 minutes, to allow time for students to socialize and eat.

After the 1st lunch wave they clean the tables take the trash out and prepare for the next lunch wave.

“Someone was paying attention… our hard work was noticed,” Davis said.

The staff doesn’t just stop at their job requirements, they go over and beyond. Ms, Perde is the kitchen manager and she said that people appreciate them because everyone says thank-you.

“Feels really awesome! We have a great team, I love to see the glow on their face when they go through the line,” Perde said