School, Flour, and Baby Showers


Brooke Gilbert, 11th grade, holds baby Iccarus for the Flour Baby project.

Brookelynn Farley, Reporter

Mrs. Hudgins’s Economics and Psychology classes have been spotted around the school cradling bundles of flour. This is all due to the project Mrs. Hudgins assigned were Daphne High School students “become ‘parents’ for a week”.

DHS students were required to bring in a five pound bag of flour or sugar, baby clothes, and the were to give this flour baby a name and face. This project began on Monday, October 22nd and was expected to end the following Monday, October 29th. Students were responsible for this sack baby, and were expected to take their baby to every class, make a video diary of their week, and keep a log of their activity, and estimated cost of expenses for diapers, wipes, formula, etc. Students were to, under no circumstances, leave their baby alone and teachers were asked to report any distraction, abuse, or any other irresponsible parental behavior.

The psychological goal of this exercise was to teach students about childhood development and abuse, and the economic aspect was to teach students about budgeting, responsibility, opportunity costs, and scarcity.

“We used to have a Home Ec teacher who did this project, but the dolls cried.  Uggggh!” Mrs. Hudgins said.