Helping Others Come Out Of Darkness


Key Club’s poster for the Out of Darkness walk Photo courtesy of Lydia Werling

Jacob Latham, Staff Writer

Sunday, October the 15th the annual Out of the Darkness walk was hosted to show suicide prevention and awareness. This Out of the Darkness walk displayed different tables that had information for suicide prevention. There was a wall where you could add a name for someone who you knew that struggled with suicide. There was also a table that had different colored beads that shows your personal connection to suicide prevention, and would help you identify others who understood your personal experience. The beads were called Honor beads and at the table you picked the color beads that you identify with.


The Out of Darkness walk was supposed to be located at the Daphne city hall but because of the rainy weather the walk was relocated to the Daphne United Methodist Church. Many people did not think that there was going to be a walk because  of the rain but with much hope and a desire to show their community that a little rain could not stop the people from taking a stand for suicide prevention. With this attitude the walk went on and people walked around the church parking lot. There were also foods and drinks, live music, coloring for the kids. There were also booths that had information about suicide prevention and counseling information. At the end there was a butterfly releasing in memory of our loved ones lost to suicide.

“Life can throw you curve balls, but everyone came together to make this event a success,” Mrs.Mixon said

Key Club’s poster for the Out of Darkness walk
Photo courtesy of Lydia Werling

Daphne High School’s Key Club participated in this event by having a table with tattoos and face painting for the children. The Daphne Peer Helpers were there to help set up tents, greet people at the door, and at the end the Key Club and the Peer Helpers came together to clean up trash and break down the tents. Bailey Cross a Daphne Peer Helper came to the event at 9:45 am to help set up and it affected her positively.


“It made me realize how many people in our community come together as one to support people who have been affected by suicide, depression, anxiety, etc,” said Cross


Overall this event was held to raise money for The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. According to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention a person dies by suicide every 12.3 minutes in the United States. The South Alabama Out of Darkness walk and AFSP has a goal of 45,000 dollars to educate people to prevent suicide in their schools, homes and the workplace to get that 12.3 minutes down. They have currently raised 48,053 dollars and the number still rising if you want to donate you can go to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention website and donate.