The Benefits of Employment in High School

Adalyn Dugas, Staff Writer

     Employment is necessary for the average American, but for the average American teenager,  it is merely a stepping stone into their future lives. Keeping up with schoolwork and being involved in school events are things that a good student can accomplish, but if a student wants to go the extra mile, they should enter the workforce.

     “Being employed helps me by being able to pay for my own stuff, makes me more responsible, helps me get ready for the real world,  and gets me ready for jobs and stuff, said Daphne high school sophomore, Nick Defilippi.

      A high school job can not only help a teen earn needed cash, but it will also shape the student into a prepared individual.  Responsibility is a trait that  will have to be carried into a career, and a job is something that will teach this skill.  A student will have to learn how to communicate between coworkers and learn how to organize their schedule on top of their job.

       “My job, babysitting, teaches me things like communication skills, and how to handle different age groups,” said Daphne high school sophomore, Emily Lambert.