How Students Can Get Involved in Politics

Jordan Sampson, Editor

Recent events involving students from Stoneman Douglas High School have inspired students across the nation to take political action and get involved in the government. There are ways for students to have their voices heard in government.

Students can get involved in local government by going to city council meetings. City council meetings are where the local city council makes decisions and votes on things that affect the City of Daphne. The city council is made up of elected representatives from seven districts in the city. City Council Members for The City of Daphne are:

  • District 1: Tommie Conaway
  • District 2: Pat Rudicell
  • District 3: Joel Coleman
  • District 4: Doug Goodlin
  • District 5: Ron Scott
  • District 6: Robin LeJeune
  • District 7: Joe Davis

Doug Goodlin is also a teacher at Daphne High School, over the JROTC Air Force program.

Tommie Conaway is the City Councilwoman elected to represent District 1. Conaway is a former teacher and principal who wants students to have every opportunity to get involved in government. She offered this advice to students.

“It would be great if they showed up to city council meetings and made themselves visible.” Conaway said, “Students should also take any government classes offered at school.”

Classes that involve government and politics currently offered at Daphne High School are Government taught by Mrs. Helms and Mrs. Hudgins; and Model United Nations taught by Mr. Rosales. Mrs. Hudgins teaches to her students to be informed and to form their own thoughts when it comes to politics.

“Make sure your information is coming from somebody trustworthy. You must be able to defend your beliefs and back them up. It is not a ‘they’ democracy, it’s a ‘you’ democracy” said Hudgins. Hudgins also teaches that social media and hashtags are a great way to stay informed and have your voice heard, just to make sure your source is credible.

The City of Daphne is broken up into seven voting districts and each district has a representative that is elected to serve on the city council.

Students can get involved in state government by contacting their state officials such as the governor and senate representatives. The governor is Kay Ivey (R), Attorney General is Steve Marshall (R), Senators are Doug Jones (D), and Richard Shelby (R).  Anyone can write to or email the officials to send ideas, opinions, requests, and concerns.

Students can get involved in national government by contacting any government official by mail and sometimes social media platforms such as Twitter. Some people to write to include the President, Donald Trump and the Attorney General Jeff Sessions (an Alabama native). Anyone can also contact other states representatives and government officials.


White House Address: 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW; Washington, DC 20500

President Trump’s Twitter: @realDonaldTrump or @POTUS

Governor Ivey’s Twitter:  @GovernorKayIvey

Attorney General Sessions’s Twitter: @jeffsessions

Senator Doug Jones’s Twitter: @SenDougJones

Senator Shelby’s Twitter: @SenShelby