Earth Day

Earth Day

Jacob Latham

Earth Day is this coming weekend, the 22nd, and the whole world on will be holding events that demonstrate support for the protection of the beloved Earth.

If you have recently walked on the Bay, the beach, or the sidewalks then you might realize that there is something in common; plastics litter.  According to plastics are some of the most commonly littered items in the world and they are drowning our planet. The US produces 9.1 billion tons of non-recycled plastic and 6.9 billion tons are plastic waste. Only 9% of plastic has been recycled and 12% has been destroyed; that leaves 79% of plastic in landfills and natural environments.

According to petroleum is used to make refined gasoline and plastic is a petroleum product. The EPA estimates that production of plastic products account for an estimated 8% of global oil production. The drilling of oil and processing it into plastic releases harmful gas chemicals into the environment. These chemicals include things such as carbon monoxide, hydrogen sulfide, ozone, benzene, and methane. According to the Plastic Pollution Coalition methane is a greenhouse gas that causes a greater warming effect than carbon dioxide.

Daphne is getting involved with Earth Day and so can you here is a list of events that our community and surrounding area is holding to support an end for plastic pollution.

Earth Day Mobile Bay: Fairhope Pier Park, Alabama, Saturday, April 21, 2018 10am to 6pm. For all ages and free admission.

You can also go for a 30 min walk and pick up littered plastics and trash around your neighbourhood and city. Get involved and help save the planet.