Mrs. Ludvigsen


For Halloween, Ms. Ludvigsen dressed as Kim Possible, complete with a naked mole rat peeking out of her pocket.

Rhayne McQuirter

This school year, Daphne High School is a great time for the teachers and students alike to get to know each other, especially the new teachers on staff.

Meet Mrs.Ludvigsen, a current geometry teacher at Daphne High School. A transfer from Florida, Mrs. Ludvigsen has taught for several years, with her year here being her seventh.

“I think, Mrs. Ludvigsen is hardworking and enjoyable from the way she teaches because she makes us more social in class,” Aleah Martin said.

Before she moved to Daphne, Mrs. Ludvigsen earned her bachelors degree in elementary education and a masters in mathematics, but is also knowledgeable in sciences.

“I think Mrs. Ludvigsen is a great teacher. She’s new and knowledgeable in what she does; great to see new people coming around,” Mrs. Reynolds said.

As a teenager in high school, she became inspired by her past instructors and pursued to take on the role of teaching.

“The most important thing to know as a teacher is that you have to believe that all students can be able to great and succeed, not to let their actions represent about them [their intelligence]. Other teachers’ opinion shouldn’t dictate how skilled the student can be,” Ludvigsen said.