Helping the Community One Gift at a Time


Brooke Gilbert

Mrs Drivinghawk’s , room 125, Angel Tree donations

Brooke Gilbert, Editor

 The Salvation Army of Coastal Alabama provides gifts to families in need during the holiday season. This is called the Angel Tree Project, that is held every year. Children of all ages will receive gifts during the holiday season that people in the community have brought in for them.


    Daphne High School is participating in the Angel Tree Project this year as they do every year, annually. Many teachers at Daphne High School adopt children from the Angel Tree they have them at most Walmarts that are in need during the holiday season. The students and staff bring in gifts for the certain child their class adopted.


    Many students at Daphne High School enjoy helping the community. “ It makes me feel good to help people in need.” said Kaley Jones a sophomore at Daphne High School .


    Teachers at Daphne High School like giving to the children in need in our community.


“I think that the Angel Tree is a way for us to help those even the unseen ones that may need help , so I participate in it just because I would hope that if I were in that situation where I need help with my children  that even strangers would reach out and help me.” Mrs. Casalaro, a teacher at Daphne High School, said


    The Gifts are due before December 6th to your teacher and the Peer Helpers will be picking them up from your class and the Salvation Army of Coastal Alabama will pick them up from the school.