Choir’s Final Note for 2018


Students announcing superlatives choir classes 2018.

Jacob Latham, Staff Writer

     The choir banquet marks the end of this eventful year in choir. Choir had three shows this year, Ladies Ensemble performed at basketball games, the Veterans Day Program was a great success, and 22 students went to Disney World and participated in a workshop were they voiced over a movie. The Choir Banquet was emotional for some seniors who are leaving to start their new journey of life. “It was bittersweet, this year being my senior year, but I have savored every moment of it. I’ve treasured every little melody we’ve sang together as a choir.” ,said Andie Gorowsky a Daphne senior.

    The choir students brought dinner for the guest and themselves to enjoy, after dinner some students were awarded for superlatives such as best hair, best makeup, best personality, most likely to be famous etc.Then Mrs. Mixon played a slideshow that reflected on the years past events. There were numerous pictures of choir students and videos that gave the crowd a laugh. After the sideshow played Mrs. Mixon, played another one that included only seniors; this slideshow compared baby pictures and current ones. The last happening of the night was Mrs. Mixon giving trophies to class officers and a special plaque called the Directors Award that Andie Growsky accepted for her outstanding dedication to Mrs. Mixon and the choir “It was absolutely wonderful being the recipient of this year’s Director’s Award. I’ve been dreaming of it since the very first one was given! It is such a huge, prestigious honor to me. I love both Mrs. Mixon and the choir with all of my heart, and I would do anything for them! They are forever-family to me. I won’t ever forget my time in the DHS Choir.” Gorowsky said.