IB Testing

Brooke Gilbert, Editor

       The International Baccalaureate Diploma Program is a two-year educational program primarily aimed at sophomore and seniors.  At the end of senior year they have testing on what they have learned all through high school. IB testing is mainly for seniors and some juniors. students are required to pay the registration fee every year they test. Students are evaluated using both internal and external assessments.These are graded by the classroom teacher then verified or modified as necessary by an appointed external moderator.

       Some students are taking the test for the challenge “I am in IB because I want to challenge myself and earn a better education for myself,” Brianna Hamilton a junior at Daphne High School  said. Another student enjoys the challenge “I’m in IB because it is internationally minded and I enjoy the challenge” said Anna Stephens a junior at Daphne High School.

       The registration fee is $168. There is also a testing fee that is $116. An IB certificate would cost a total of $274. An IB diploma would total $864. The average IB student receives thirty college credit hours at the end of the program. Many receive more depending on what they need for college.

       Some joined IB for a chance at a more successful life. “Well I want to be the person that everyone says I can be. I want to live a successful and comfortable life by getting all the education skills I need from IB” said Carey Cummings a junior at Daphne High School.