First Friday Fantasy


Photo Credit : Brooke Childress

Lydia Werling, Editor

At Fairhope’s monthly art walk an art gallery called Lyons Share has decided to present artwork from students in all of the Baldwin County High Schools. Four students will be able to submit artwork from each school; furthermore, the students are picked by the resident art teacher.

“This is the first time they’ve asked any schools to participate in the Art Walk.” Mr. Partridge, the art teacher at Daphne High said.


The gallery will be displaying the artworks on January 5th. The students who are participating from Daphne High School are Brooke Childress, Weslyn Towle, Drew Cloninger, and Lydia Werling.


“I feel honored and accomplished to be represented in a art gallery.” Brooke said.


The subject of the artwork is dependent on the artist’s discretion. However, there are certain guidelines such as no obscenities or inappropriate images.


Fairhope has sponsored this artwalk since 2013 and around twenty to thirty stores are open during this time. The art walk is from 6pm to 8pm and is open to the public; moreover, the walk is always on the first friday of every month.