Drive to Provide


Leo Club members stand in the hallway before school asking for donations. Pictured from left to right are Lauren Meyel and Mitchell Weed.

Brooke Gilbert, Editor

     Daphne High schools Leo club is holding a drive called Drive to provide this drive provides things such as unused underwear, old spirit shirts, unused socks, canned food ,and Microwavable foods non frozen. You can bring these items in from February 21st through March 21st. This is a class against class competition .

     These Items are for people that don’t have much money and might need help in our community.”The drive to provide is a good thing I feel like more people should come together and help the less fortunate” Khamia Lacey said a Sophomore at Daphne High School.


     People at Daphne High School love helping people in need and helping their community in any way they can. “To be honest I absolutely love helping others.I will go through anything just to help people and make sure that they are happy” Kaley Jones said a Sophomore at Daphne High School.

     Let the best class win !